GN Vacuum Shaker
February 05 2023

GN New Type Vacuum Shale Shaker for Drilling Fluids Solids Control

GN Solids Control just launched a new type vacuum shale shaker to help oil gas drilling contractors reduce drilling waste volume and recycle more drilling fluids for a greener world. The vacuum shale shaker is a new technology to enhance the drilling fluids recovery by combining traditional shale shaker and vacuum screen. ViST is Vacuum Screen Technology, composed by a vacuum unit, catch pan(s) and hoses etc, which was first designed by GN Solids Control in June, 2017. It was proved to be a big success and highly efficient product when work together with a shale shaker to treat OBM, WBM and SBM. Designed in a compact structure, this new type Vacuum Shale Shaker includes one negative pressure vacuum pump, one corresponding catch pan and hidden hoses to generate pulse or continuous pressure at the screen bottom during the operation of the shaker, so as to achieve the combined separation effect of vibration and negative pressure. Pulse frequency/time of the negative pressure can be controlled by an independent control box, and can also be switched to continuous negative pressure. The control box of the Vacuum Shaker, same with the traditional one, can control the shaker independently and work independently with the ViST. When it needs maintenance, the modular designed Vacuum Shaker can be used as a traditional one by removing the negative pressure pump, catch pan and hoses. On the contrary, the traditional shaker can be also upgraded to a vacuum shaker by adding those previous mentioned components. As one of the feedback from a drilling company GN ViST vacuum shale shaker reduced 35% drilling waste, which saves a lot of cost for the drilling waste disposal, and the recovered drilling fluids is also valuable. Installed under the last screen or mounted externally, the vacuum catch pan is connected with a ViST by hoses. The new type vacuum shaker is an electrical driven unit, while traditional ones demand a stable and continuous air source. Anti-splash SS cover is optional, double shale shakers and triple shale shakers can be customized. GN Solids Control also provides pneumatic driven vacuum unit, each one is able to connect with max. 3 sets catch pans. The compressed air from AC or the rig air supply is required to create suction on the last screen surface, pulling additional drilling fluids off the cuttings. Different with the electric vacuum shaker, the pneumatic vacuum shaker has a ViST fixed on one side and connected by much longer hoses. By adding a ViST on the shaker, a higher mesh screen can be used for the shaker to save the use of desander, desilter and corresponding drilling fluids feeding pump. Four grades of solid control process can be changed into two grades, and the mud treatment process will be simplified to reduce the well site area and personnel input, thus to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction. Almost no additional space is required to meet the space requirements of both onshore and offshore drilling platforms.In a result , GN Vacuum Shaker maximizes the volume of recovered and reused fluids and it provides dryer cuttings. Dryer cuttings mean less drilling waste and more recovery drilling fluids. So ViST can save money for operators on drilling fluids and waste management.GN Solids Control specializes in designing and manufacturing turnkey solids and liquid separation equipment in oil & gas industry, environmental protection industry, construction industry and mining industry. For more info about GN and GN vacuum shaker unit, please don’t hesitate to contact by sales(at)

2022.12.27 GNSP 40B Sludge Vacuum Pump
January 02 2023

GN Solids Vacuum Pumps for drilling waste cleaning to Africa

 GN Solids Control manufactures different types of transfer pumps, among them GN Solids Vacuum Pump is a high efficiency transfer pump especially designed to move high solids content materials such as drilling waste.This week GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of 2 sets vacuum pumps and will be delivered to Africa before China New Year holidays. Vacuum pump is an air driven transfer unit, connected with air compressor or air source at the rig site. GN Solids Control shipped one wheel type 20B vacuum pump and one skid type 40B vacuum pump.In fact, most of the oil & gas drilling waste is not easy to move as they usually have high solids content and viscosity. But GN made vacuum pump is able to suck and discharge any moveable materials as long as size less than 75 mm. Furthermore, it can pump the material to max. 1000 meters.As for these 2 vacuum pumps, this African customer will use it to remove oil drilling cuttings in the rig site. When the vacuum pump is under operation with a proper air pressure, drilling cuttings are sucked into the pump shell first for some seconds with the inlet gate valve open, then the inlet gate valve will close and the outlet gate valve will open so the cuttings can be discharged. GN Vacuum pump can work under automatic mode after set the two timers, and it can also work under manual mode to control the suck and discharge by operator.Besides drilling waste or cuttings after treated by shaker, mud cleaner and centrifuge, GN vacuum pump can be also used for drilling mud transfer, waste pit cleaning, oil sludge removal from tank bottom, construction materials such as sands, silts, aggregates.GN Solids Control also provides SS vacuum pump besides carbon steel for some special material usage. Welcome to connect with GN sales reps. for you customized cost-effective solution.

2022.12.21 Shale Shaker
January 02 2023

3 Package Drilling Rig Solids Control Equipment for South American Customer

GN Solids Control shipped 3 packages of drilling rig solids control equipment for one South American customer last month, it mainly includes shale shakers, mud cleaners, centrifugal pumps, decanter centrifuges and feeding pumps.GN Solids Control has rich experience of providing solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment to global drilling contractors, although under pandemic, GN Solids Control still shipped hundreds of shakers and decanter centrifuges in 2022. 1.GN Shale Shaker, GNZS594JGN Shale shaker is the first phase drilling mud solids treating unit, it is mainly used to remove big solids after the poor boy degasser.GN Solids Control shipped 12 sets of shale shakers to this South American customer, who has been using GN Solids Control equipment in multiple sites. 2.GN Mud Cleaner, GNZJ594J-3S16NTotally 3sets drilling rig solids control equipment are provided, so the mud cleaner GN shipped 3 sets GNZJ594J-3S16N with 3 units big desander cyclones and 16 sets 4 inch desilter cyclones.GN Cyclones remove effluent from shaker with above 100 microns and downsize to 55 microns after go through the desander cyclones, then reduce to 25 microns after the desilter cyclones. 3.GN Centrifugal PumpAll the cyclones should have one feeding pump individually, all the GN mud cleaners GN Solids Control use centrifugal pump as the feeding pump, put on the side of the mud tank to save room.GN made centrifugal pump is wear resistant and can use for a long time without broken. All centrifugal pump parts are interchangeable with NOV mission magnum pump parts. 4.GN Middle Speed Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW363D3 sets GN middle speed decanter centrifuge will separate solids larger than 2-5 microns. These 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuges remove solids from quantity under middle speed.5.GN High Speed Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW363DTo remove even finer particles, GN Solids Control also shipped 3 sets 14 inch bowl of high speed decanter centrifuges GNLW363D.6.GN Feeding Screw Pump, GNG30-075CGN screw feeding pump GNG30-075C is fix flow rate feeding pump with every screw circle. It is an effective feeding pumps for decanter centrifuge, as it can be controlled easily in the HMI tough screen control panel.

2022.12.13 Desander
January 02 2023

Desander Desilter and Degasser for China Drilling Company

GN Solids Control is a leading drilling mud solids control equipment provider in the world with thousands of oil and gas drilling contractors have been using GN equipment for many years.

This week, GN Solids Control shipped another batch of desander, desilter and degasser for one Chinese drilling company. All equipment were thoroughly tested by hydraulic before shipping. 1.GN Desander, model GNZJ752J-1SGN 752 desander is a mini 2 panels shaker fixed with 1 unit 10 inch cyclones. Desander cyclone is mainly used to remove solids larger than 75 microns from the drillling mud. A centrifugal pump or submersible pump sucks the drilling mud to pump into the cyclones so the light slurry go out from the cyclone top outlet and the heave solids discharged from the bottom nuts.

2.GN Desilter, model GNZJ752J-8NDesilter is 4 inch cycones mounted on the top of a shaker similar with desander while it removes finer particles above 25 microns from the drilling mud. GNZJ752J-8N is a 2 panes shaker fixed with 8 pcs cyclones.All shaker screens used on GN desander and GN desiler are made by GN Solids Control, which is the only China screen manufacturer plant who is passed the 3rd USA party test report. Now GN Solids Control builds over 8,000 pcs screens every month, and customers from over 85 countries are using GN screens.

3.GN Degasser, model GNZS270BGN Degasser is a gas removal unit, as the drilling mud from high pipe lines usually contains bubbles, which will bring air weariness to the cyclones, sometimes cyclones can be broken will continuous drilling mud running inside with bubbles.GN Solids Control manufactures 3 different types of air removal units, include the poor boy degasser, vacuum degasser and centrifugal degasser. Poor boy degasser removes the big bubbles from drilling mud high pipe lines directly, while the vacuum degasser and centrifugal dgasser remove small bubbles, only difference is the centrifugal degasser takes less room compared with the vacuum degasser.

2022.11.24 Mud Separation Plant
December 16 2022

GN Mining Vibrating Screen and Centrifuge for Australian Construction Mud ......

GN Solids Control is a leading construction mud treatment system provider with customers from over 85 countries and regions. Several weeks ago, GN engineer visited one Australian construction company and got a very positive feedback on the GN mining vibrating screen and decanter centrifuge’s excellent working performance.

1.GN Mining Vibrating Screen GN Solids Control manufactures different types of vibrating screens, such as dewatering screen, classification screen, stack vibrating screen, large linear vibrating screen, large banana vibrating screen etc. GN Solids provides one sets of dewatering vibrating screen for this Australian construction company who owns more than 20 sets hydrovac trucks that can bring min. 100 tons slurry or waste from different sites.

This vibrating screen is especially designed to remove big particles larger than 2 mm before feeding into GN fine shaker unit (includes a double deck fine shaker and a desilter). A big catch hopper is able to collect two hydrovac trucks to dump at the same time, and a manual control gate valve to adjust the dump feeding volume into the big vibrating screen.

2.GN Decanter Centrifuge GN decanter centrifuge is especially designed to remove the finest particles from the hydrovac slurry, with a big G force upto 3000 G, silts larger than 2~5 microns can b recovered.

As for this construction company, GN Solids Control provides one 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, which is able to treat at least 30 m3/h slurry with 20 % solids content. To help the centrifuge use a long time without weariness, GN Solids Control use tungsten scrapers and inserts to protect the solids discharge ends. Optional flushing lines can be also built on the centrifuge’s collect box to flush the solids discharge ends and reduce the solids abrasion. GN Solids Control has rich experience to provide solids and liquid separation for varieties industries, welcome to reach to GN for the most cost-effective solution.