January 27 2019

Solids Control Equipment Ready for Delivery to India

Before Chinese New Year, before the coming Indian exhibition, now closing off the projects, as usual, though it is a quite busy ending of this year.

The decanter centrifuge and shale shaker are two of critical equipment in the drilling mud recycling system. The shaker removes the coarse cuttings by screen with different mesh size and the decanter separate the fine solids by centrifugal force.

Decanter centrifuge proved to be the best business driven since we moved to the new factory, which is specially for the innovative products, for us, like decanter centrifuge, shaker screens, now centrifugal pumps etc. Every year, got more and more business on decanter centrifuges, including the decanter centrifuges delivered with system, more than 200 units are exported all over the world.

For ultrafine solids, flocculants need to be added into the drilling mud to gather the solids so that the decanter centrifuge could remove that easily. GN also supplies thedosing systemwith tube screw conveyer for chemical powder transferring and blenders for chemical mixing. In consideration of the climate, GN can make the tank skid with roof for sunshade and rainproof.

GN shale shaker is widely used in oil and gas drilling and other type drilling projects. Normally for oil gas drilling, GN provided the shale shakers with explosion proof standard vibrators and control panel for safety purpose. GN has established close business relation with many clients from HDD industry in India. Application in trenchless drilling does not request explosion proof, thus client can choose the non-explosion proof vibrators for cost saving.

Welcome to visit GN yard, and also welcome to meet with us in all the exhibitions we may attend, or exhibit. Stay tune.

Particle Size Chart
January 20 2019

Aumina Slurry Dewatering Separation

Check the video:

So if you are not sure about your material, not sure about our equipment performance, we are enlarging our lab to be able to do more tests, in the coming new factory, GN is now building a big labratory. So in near future, more experimentation will be proceeded. Recently a client sent few tons alumina to GN factory, then we simulate the situation, then proceed with the centrifuge. Well end of the story is the client happy with the result, and purchased the centrifuges.

Well if it is hard to send us the sample, what should we do?

Send the sample to the closest lab, and ask them to find out the slurry properties, and something as below will be helpful then.


Or you can list all the info onto a table.


Centrifuge is not like other equipment, we use one place, then we can assure performance in all other places. Except you can confirm it is very similar application, like oil gas drilling, or you are doing hydro vac slurry treatment.

2019.01.04 Drilling Cuttings Management System
January 08 2019

A Feedback of Drill Waste Management System

Recently got a good feedback from DWM site, the client use a one skid waste management system, including vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, a very typical skid, small tank, c/w feeding pumps, flushing pumps, and control panels.

The GN Vertical Cutting Dryer uses centrifugal force to dry drilled solids in oil or synthetic base fluids. A stainless steel screen bowl traps “wet” solids and accelerates them up 900RPM with G force to 420G. Liquid is forced through the screen bowl openings, while “dry” solids are extracted by the angled flights attached to the cone, which rotate slightly slower than the bowl. Tungsten carbide protects the flights from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life. This aids in maintaining a constant gap between the scroll and screen bowl, which is crucial for proper operation.

GN Decanter Centrifuge is designed for the drilling mud solids control and oilfield waste management.GN VFD drive decanter centrifuge with variable speed allows drilling contracor or mud service company to do the barite recovery, fine/ ultra fine solids separation,dewatering centrifuge.GN have the decanter centrifuge from 9 inch bowl to 22 inch bowl available for different applications.GN decanter centrifuge bowl length and diameter ration is over 3, this gives the best result for the drilling fluids cleaning.

After the equipment, the solids result, and liquid result meet client requirement.

January 08 2019

One More Set Solids Control Equipment for Russia Oil Company

Recently, GN just shipped out one more batch solids control equipment manufactured for a Russia oil company. Being a leading manufacturer of drilling mud solids control equipment, GN Solids Control is well remarked in world market for the excellent product quality and onsite performance. More and more drilling contractors and Oil Company came to GN for business negotiation.

The order from this Russia oil company is consisting of main solids control equipment such as shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and the degasser unit. All equipment is painted customized color that is good for advertising to clients business.

Shale shaker is the first step separation equipment in solids control system. GN shaker is designed simply in the shaker screen installation and shaker deck angle adjusting device. Simple design makes the operators quickly to handle it. Patented sealing rubber installation method and high quality rubber material selection ensures the good sealing performance. Normally, in the same mud system, it is recommended to use same model shaker as the bottom drying shaker of the mud cleaner unit for convenient maintenance in future. GN mud cleaner is composed by the under shaker and movable cyclone manifold. The manifold frame is made with standard dimension and structure for easy assembling/disassembling in transportation or installation.

GN centrifugal degasser unit is with small footprint and installed vertically on mud tank, it can remove the cut-in gas from return drilling mud effectively so as to increase the working efficiency of subsequent centrifugal pump and cyclone unit. GN centrifugal degasser is a self-suction unit without extra feeding pump.

GN 14 inch decanter centrifuge is popular model in drilling mud separation system. The centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl material of the centrifuge denser to avoid the air bubbles so that to get a better dynamic balance. Normally, GN is providing the decanter centrifuge with explosion proof control cabinet, 6 meters feeding hose, solids discharge chute as standard package. For better installation on mud tank, GN always suggest client to choose the extra centrifuge supporting legs.

At the end of year 2018, GN successfully completed the shipment of this batch solids control equipment to guarantee the delivery on client site on time. Wish client a good operation of the project in using GN equipment, which is the best gift to GN in New Year.

December 28 2018

HydroVac Slurry Separation Plant

GN Solids Control has been an expert for separation works, handled many different application projects, and lots of clients using GN equipment to separate the fluids/slurry they get from different source. One of the resources is hydrovac projects, packed into a vacuum truck, then transported to a plant, where many different equipment handling different it, and separate it out.

Hydro Excavation is a two part process and is a form of non-destructive digging or excavation and uses a jetting rod similar to your household gurney to spray high pressurised water at the surface in order to break it a part the dirt, grass, mud, clay or any compound surface. The second component is high volume suction vacuum to suck up the water and dirt broken apart from the first stage of the process. When you reach the place for discharge, then it is time for separation.

GN solution is to provide a classified-separation process to recover water and remedy the soil; the rough process diagram is consisting of following steps.

1. Waste Collecting and Washing Module – the waste slurry is delivered to site via the hydrocac truck and then discharged to a large size collecting hopper at which bottom there are valves to discharge the slurry onto a coarse screen for large size trash separation. The liquid with fine particles is collected in the tank located under the coarse screen. The liquid is then pumped to GN high G forcedrying shaker for finer solids separation. Here the operator can also use pressure flushing device to wash the slurry. GN shaker is fixed with composite frame shaker screen for longer working time and better performance.

2. Fine Solids Hydro cycling Separation Module – GN desilter with hydro cyclone manifold is fixed on a washing tank for further separation of the fine solids. The under shaker of the desilter is same model with GN drying shaker for easy maintenance. The hydrocyclone is using centrifugal force and gravity to separate the liquid and solids. The slurry is pumped into the cyclone with high speed for effectively separation process.

3.Dewatering Centrifuge Module – in this hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system, a 22 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge is used to remove the ultra-fine solids in the slurry. A chemical dosing system can be connected to the dewatering centrifuge to increase the efficiency of the separation.

Contact GN for more details.