July 31 2014

Decanter centrifuge will be required on drilling industry to separe solids 2-7 microns after desilter. A centrifuge is the most expensive equipment amount all solids control equipments because it's high technology and costive parts. GN keep one set GNLW454 decanter centrifuge for sale now with huge discount which never happens.

Main Specification Of GN Decanter Centrifuge For Sale

  1. 18 inch bowl diaterter
  2. 61 inch bowl legth
  3. 264GPM muf flow capacity
  4. 2800RPM bowl speed
  5. 2-5 micron cutting point
  6. Exploosion proof stardard

Benefits of GNLW454 Decanter Centrifuge

  1. Rotation parts like bowl and screw is made by duplex stainless steel 2205
  2. Collection Box is made by SS316L stainless steel
  3. Tungsten carbide tiles is bolted on screw for protection
  4. SKF bearing used for longer and reliable operation
  5. Screw flow distribution port and bowl solids discharge port protected by tungsten carbide alloy

This for sale decanter centrifuge will be offered 30% discount to promotion, the sonner contact will help you win this deal and get a exellent equipment. Pllease visit GN Web for more information