May 09 2015

Trenchless drilling mud system is one of GN Solids important industry cause GN mud system mainly working for drilling industry . GN Solids Control built many sets of trenchless mud system every year to all over the world like Australia , New Zealand , Indonesia , India , Thailand , etc . GNMS -500B is one of the economy model design for trenchless drilling , GN Solids just finished 2 sets of GNMS- 500B and deliveried to one Saudi Arabia recently .

Main Equipments And Layout out for GNMS -500B Mud system

One set GNZS703E –DZ shale shaker to separate drilling cuttings are big sand particals by 40 – 80 mesh shaker screen . It is wedge type shaker screen for fast replacement , the shaker deck angle can be adjust between minus 1 to 5 degree . Vibrating G force bellow 7.5 G .

One set GNZJ703E- D1S8N mud cleaner with 1 set 10 inch desander cone and 8 pcs of 4 inch desilter cone on a steel frame , the steel frame will bolted on one set GNZS703E shale shaker , the shale shaker will be working to dry solids from desander and desilters . The shaker specification sale with the first set shale shaker .

2 set 37 KW 6x5 centrifugal pump working to feeding 1 pc 10 inch desander cone and 8 pcs desilter cone . Both pumps installed on tank skid to allow move pumps together with tank .

1 set 6m long mud tank to hold mud and 2 sets shale shaker on tank top , handrails on both tank side to allow more space for work platform . The tank divided into 3 compartment , one compartment for stand trap , one compartment for desander compartment and last compartment for desilter compartment . One set stair fix on end of tank for tank top platform enterance .