July 25 2012

GN has prepared one 200 GPM drilling mud cleaning unit to Australia for ADIA Drill 2012.
Since 2010,GN has already shipped over 15 mud cleaning unit to Australia,and are very well acceptable by the drillers with quality and performance.

Mini Mud Cleaner mini shale shaker

The unit is able to handle 200-250GPM drilling mud.The system can be used for HDD,CBM,or Gas drilling for the small rigs.It consisted with one Mini GNPS703 Shale Shaker,One Linear GNZJ752-4N Mud Cleaner,two 15HP Centrigugal pumps,one mixing hopper,one mud tank with dimension:5.5x2.0x1.3m.All the equipments can stay on the tank while moving from site to site.All the handrails and electricitiy is fit for Australia standard.


200gpm mud cleaning unit

As GN now is working together with TT Asia Pacific,so the services and spare parts are available locally for the drillers.

200gpm mud tank

It's better if you contact GN before the show to discuss the purchase for the unit,you can talk with GN Australia District manager Sophia Zhao

200gpm tank covering