High Standard Decanter Centrifuge to Europe
Monday, 18 July 2016 14:54


When we discuss about made in China, there is some other stories we always heard, British laughed at German products before. The world do not like products made in Korea, made in Japan. While now made in German is sort of standard, and made in Korea and Japan means higher quality. So it is just now turn for China to be laughed. Even lots of people did not improve the quality themselves quite well, they think this is a trend. We never take it an easy way, GN keep focusing on high quality products, but we never take it as granted, as all GN people is working on it.

Also according this logic, accepting by Europe client is also sort of self-approval. Now more and more clients from Europe choose our products. Though it starts from Europen people working all over the world, but the EU local comapnies are now moving on to GN. Except the system working in central London http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/gn-decanter-centrifuge-working-in-landon-uk-for-construction-industry, now a big company from UK is testing GN centrifuge. 

DNV CE centrifuge

The model of the centrifuge is GNLW363CG-VFD. LW in Chinese means horizontal spiral type centrifuge that is typically used in oil industry. C tells the third generation of GN centrifuge shows in the past nearly 10 years, GN was always keeping on upgrading and improvement. And GN keep updating our equipment, to keep basic sourcing / tracing, we are using different word to make it different.

The G means this model is a high configuration with bowl material of duplex stainless steel 2205 which is much better than other China based manufacturer who still use SS304. Not only the material, GN is making different product from design, and details.

Inside the bowl, screw propeller are made of SS316 and protected by 4mm thick tungsten carbide tiles. Comparing with other China manufactures’ spray welding 2mm protection, GN’s screw propeller has much longer lifetime that would greatly reduce the future maintenance cost. For more flexible operation purpose, the client chose the variable frequency drive for different working speed.    

Keep tune on GN production, find more surprise.