Last Call for Meeting in Abu Dahbi ADIPEC Hall 10, 10436

ADIPEC is a wellknown oil gas exhibition all over the world. FYI. For this year, it is on 7~10 Nov. And GN booth is 10436 in Hall 10. It is well known that GN Solids Control now is a qualified solids control & waste management equipment supplier for Baker Hughes, and they have placed several big orders.

Last Call for Meeting in Abu Dahbi ADIPEC Hall 10, 10436

And quite a few more exhibitions in Indonesia, India, Singapore etc are following, while a lot of companies are closing offices. This do not means anything, but GN have siezed another chance, challanged the bad situation.

From the time GN borne, it is a private, no background company, so the strage is oversea market, as the poem, if flowers blooms outside of the wall, people inside smells.

Then being the pioneer of inventing verticle cuttings dryer, with experience of oversea waste management, we siezed a good chance in China, when the government been strict on environmental protection, they know where they can find good products.

When the market keep going down, we understand more and more people will care more and more about the balancing of quality and price. So that is what we do.

Last Call for Meeting in Abu Dahbi ADIPEC Hall 10, 10436

If you are in need of a good supplier, with good quality, and good price, may help you out on the bad days, find a chance to meet with GN somewhere.

Abu Dahbi is one of the most important center, also where the most itelegent people gather. That is also a place we are going to have an office & warehouse nearby.

A professional team will show up in the exhibition. Come and meet with us in Abu Dahbi ADIPEC Hall 10, 10436

2000hp Oil Drill Rig Mud Recycling System Ready for Shiping

13 tanks, within 45days, now the 2000hp drilling mud recycling system is ready for shipping. The system equiped 3 shale shakers, 1 vacuum degasser, de-sanding unit, de-silting unit, and a decanter centrifuge for barite recovery.

Normally for a 2000hp oil rig, GN Solids Control would recommend below main equipment:3ea GNZS594E shale shaker, with composite material screens, which is also replacable with Mongoose.GNZCQ360 vacuum degasser, self contained, without separate pump & ventury.GNZJ594E-3S16N, with 3ea 10in de-sander cyclones, 16ea 4in de-silter cyclones, and a shale shaker underneath to relaim the mud from hydraucyclones, well as we all know the hydraucyclone is not always that effcient.Then a fix speed midium speed centrifuge for barite recover. A high speed / vfd drive centrifuge for low gravity solids seperation.Well then mixing tanks, storage tanks etc.

oil drilling mud recycaling system

oil drilling mud recycaling system

In the solids control system, Shale shakeris used as the first stage mud recycling equipment for removing the coarse drilling cuttings, mud Cleaner is a 3 in 1 equipment that comprises de-sander, de-silter and under located drying shaker. After treated by the mud cleaner, most of the useless solids larger than 20 microns would be removed out.

GN Solids Control is also supplying customized system for all drilling works, from small coring rig, to even bigger drilling rig. Small tanks less than 700kg, and 40ft standard container size, also the tanks upto  14meter long. For worldwide business, we are cooperating with lots of local manufacturers to fabricate the mud tanks locally with GN engineering suppport. 

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Why Duplex Stainless Steel Matters
Saturday, 27 August 2016 03:28

Even though the market continues to be dominated by 304L and 316L, we would glad to find out with better material duplex stainless steel, we are having more buisness. For solids control equipment, we are discussing decanter centrifuge. We are not the first decanter centrifuge manfuacture who is moving forward, but as a Chinese solids control equipment manufacture, it is already a long road overhead other competitors.

As we always stated, price second, quality first, and to keep good quality, well selected material is one key.

duplex stainless steel decanter centrifuge

The use of duplex grades has grown continuously since the 1990s. This growth has been accentuated by the current high cost of raw materials that makes duplex very cost- attractive compared to austenitics. In the de-aerated part of MSF/MED processes 316L and 316Lmo has mainly been used, but now the trend is towards duplex 2304 or 2205. There is an increased pressure in many countries to reduce the impact on the environment of industrial and power generation activities. Many of the most effective measures have proved positive for stainless steel usage:

For decanter centrifuge, not only anti corrosion, a lot of other material spec helps its operational life. For GN decanter centrifuge, we are using centrifugal casting bowl, which is more accurate, and less maintains / modifications when you fabricate the centrifuges. And more international, as most of the higher standard decanter centrifuge suppliers, are actually using duplex stainless steel.

More and more feedback from site approves our improvment, and hope you will also be the one.

Tunneling Centrifuge Decanter for TBM Mud Separation
Saturday, 03 September 2016 12:37

Now 30in L/D ratio upto 4.4 big bowl centrifuge available from GN Solids Control !

Before only in developed countries, except compacet desanding plants, still have chemical dosing unit, decanter centrifuges to separate the very fine particles, to have clean water, or better solids output. Nowadays, more and more countries, projects is asking for centrifuges to handle the fine solids. And most of the TBM projects have high capacity requirement, so big bowl decanter becomes more and more popular.

TBM decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control have developed severial series big bowl centrifuges for waste mangement, and TBM mud separation, but to solve more problems more effciently, we have 30in GNLW764 decanter centrifuge. Below is the main specifications.



Bowl Size


Bowl Speed

2650RPM (3000G)

Differential Speed


Motor Power

Main 132KW, Back 90KW

Driving System

Dual VFD System

Capacity for slurry

120m³ (solids<20%)

Gear box torque

25000 N.M



Weight (KG)


TBM decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control is now strengthing our engineering team by hiring more and more expeienced centrifuge personnel from worldknown centrifuge manufacturers. With absorbing different knowage, we will be more stronger to supply better products.

It is widely known  traditional solids control equipment like shale shaker, desander  desilter, and decanter centrifuge will removes solids upper than 5 microns, for colloidal-size particles which is less than 5 microns will build up in the TBM Slurry system. To maintain the mud properties, the operators have to dilute the drilling fluids with water, this consumes more water and create more waste. For limited and zero discharged closed loop system, the GN dewatering unit is a very important unit to keep the mud clean and reduce the waste which has to be sent for treatment and disposal. GNLW764A decanter centrifuge work with a polymer dosing system is able to treat around 120 m³/h  TBM Slurry to clean water for reuse.

Pls check the brochure online to findout more details:

Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge
Monday, 15 August 2016 01:24

When drilling waste management becomes a big problem of oil gas industry. The Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge was brought to this application, the US manufacture improved the product and used it for drilling waste, then it became a standard product of drilling waste management. After GN Solids Control march into manufacturing the verticle cuttings dryer, now we are going to improve the orignal design of Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge, with experience of verticle cuttings dryer, and experience in drilling waste management.

The GN Vertical Screen Scroll Centrifuge uses centrifugal force to dry wet coal. A stainless steel screen bowl traps wet coal and accelerates them up 900RPM with G force to 420G. This G force is higher to most of GN competitors which will give better separation. Liquid is forced through the screen bowl openings, the openings of the screen is optional in different sizes, while “dry” coal are extracted by the angled flights or knives attached to the rotation cone, which rotate slightly slower speed than the bowl and screen. This differential speed is to push the dry solids or coal to discharge from the bottom of the screen centrifuge.

Tungsten carbide protects the flights from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life. This aids in maintaining a constant gap between the scroll and screen bowl of the centrifuge, which is crucial for proper operation.

Contact GN freely to discuss with us how to improve vertical screen scroll centrifuge for mining projects, if you are in the mining industry, and want to have a better product with better result.