Construction Waste Management System Now Start Running·
Friday, 03 November 2017 08:32

Recently we finish the construction waste management system commissioning, and now the whole system is alive operating. The basic principle is still the same, we are separating the solids and liquid. As for this specific project, the client is collecting many different kind of waste from civil construction projects. 

 So here is the separation hub, when the trucks bring waste, any kind of; they dump to the hopper which designed under a deck for easier operation; follow the hopper, the waste goes to the coarse shaker, equiped with robust steel wire sieves, to separate the big size particles. The next step is a GN normal shaker, with finer mesh hole size, to separate the smaller solids, then to desilter, to centrifuge, same story, through tank, feed by pumps. 

 For this specific application, Hi G dryer shaker have been used. On one mud tank, GN’s high G force drying shaker is fixed on the first compartment of the tank. The liquid pumped from the tank beneath the coarse screen will be separated again by the drying shaker for fine particles removing and water recovering. For better performance, GN’s shaker is fixed with composite frame screen panel and oil resistance rubber seal strip. This extends the continuous working period and reduces the maintenance frequency. 

 As to help the performance of decanter centrifuge, it comes with a dosing tank, adding polymers to thicken the silt and make it easier to separate. the decanter centrifuge is provided with telescopic skid. The slurry treated by the cyclone unit would be fed to the centrifuge for polishing. The ultrafine solids cannot be removed even by high speed decanter centrifuge. 

 Welcome to visit our Houston office, or if you need some reference, any service, get in touch with GN team.

Helicopter Lifting Mud System to PNG
Monday, 21 August 2017 00:25

This is a special designed system, for helicorpter, which was a big challenge. And it comes on time, we have done a lot of R&D on equipment, upgrading the shale shaker, optimise the decanter centrifuge, further cooperate with client to have one stop solution for waste management, oil sludge separation; and work on TDU research for years, which is now in production process. Yes, the simple mud tanks, now it is time to have some challenge, and it is time to make some better mud tanks which we are more proud of. 

With some experience we had before, production of small diamond drilling system, which is also firstly been used in PNG, and the biggest concern back that time is weight limitation is 900kg. While now it is 9ton, and with bigger tank, more factors been brought up.

  • Weight & Design 
    Less than 9 ton, and we do not want to lose volume, neither strength. So here it comes, how to find the best solution. 
    All skids, with SolidWork, have been carefully calculated. Not only weight, analysis takes more effort.
  • Material 
    To meet the critical standard, all the material have been carefully selected, SS316 pipeline, high strength plates, PPG painting, and top quality famous brand valves, unions, bearings.
  • Process 
    Welding proceedure comply with AWS, ASME, NDT, lifting test; all the necessory steps to make sure it is done properly.

Why Chose GN?

  • Heard this brand before, and discussed with some reference
  • GN is willing to take some challenge, to do some higher standard / requirement product
  • GN got the ability to do this
  • Years of experience API Q1 quality control